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Composers for Visual Media 

There are moments in games, TV and movies where audiences experience goosebumps. Its an inexplicable feeling but you know it when you feel it. We believe that music plays a major role in this experience. For as long as the medium of film has existed, music has been inexorably tied to it as a means to communicate the underlying emotion to the audience. We at studio twelve-seventy love movies, TV shows and games and above all we love to compose music.  Our diverse backgrounds lead to unique persepctives in scoring and that will allow us to bring your project to the next level and create that goosebump feeling for the audience.




I am a composer for the screen that loves to provide a musical and emotional guide to storytelling. I have loved movies since young and have always endeavoured to work to tell stories. After finishing my degree in composition and production I have been steadily composing for short films and play projects. Some of these films have gone on to debut in short film festivals around the world such as the Swedish International Film Festival. As a piano player my main focus is on thematic and leitmotiic music combined with cinematic and emotional textures.



I am a composer for screen and media and a songwriter with a passion for storytelling and collaboration. I'm a multi-instrumentalist and have played in original bands writing music since I was a teenager. Since completing my degree in Film Composition, I have continued scoring films of varying genres/styles, of which many have been seen around the world in international film festivals such as the Blow-Up Arthouse International Film Festival in Chicago, USA and the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne.

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