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A few of our favourites...

Previous Works

A Midsummer Night's Dream (2022 - Stage Play)

Music by Zimran Dass & Michael Garrett
A play directed and re-envisioned by Kira Zirnsak.

00:00 / 01:49

His Trembling Hands: An Immigrant Ghost Story (2021 - Short)

Music by Michael Garrett, Dir. by Matt Kiesoglu
After emigrating to Australia, a traditional Turkish man collides with his idealist wife as the ghosts of his dead parents set him free from an isolated, defeated existence.

00:00 / 02:53

Killer Service (2018 - Short)

Music & Lyrics by Michael Garrett, Dir. by Grace O'brien
A dark comedy showing a day in the life of a café worker with homicidal tendencies.  

00:00 / 01:19

Undertow (2021 - Short)

Music by Zimran Dass, Dir. by Fareed Kairon

A former cop turned writer wanders the streets of Paris seeking an answer on how to reconcile with his estranged daughter.

00:00 / 02:46

Exhibition (2021 - Short)

Music by Zimran Dass, Dir. by Fareed Kairon

An aspiring photographer gets jealous when her new roomate appears to be a better photographer and catches the attention of a gallery curator.

00:00 / 02:20

Chelsea Porcelain (2020 - Short)

Music by Zimran Dass & Michael Garrett
Dir. by Kira Zirnsak
A young woman in search of a cure to her illness turns to a mysterious man with nefarious intentions.

00:00 / 01:08
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